Canal Boat Holidays

Canal Boat Holidays

A canal boat holiday is a unique way to spend your time off. There are many different canal boat holidays to choose from, depending on what time of year it is. Not only that but there are many different boats to choose from. The information on how long the boat rides will be, what to take with you and the different routes and the time it takes to travel them will be listed and discussed in detail.

The size of the canal boats can range anywhere from a 2-4 berth to a 6-12 berth. If it is a solo holiday then the smaller boat would be suitable. However, if this holiday is meant to be a family adventure then you should look into renting a larger boat. The smallest canal boat, 2-4 berth, can only have a maximum of 2 people on board. The 6-12 berth can hold a maximum of 12 people. This gives you an idea of what to look for depending on the size of your holiday party.

Now, when you plan your holiday be sure to take into account how long you want your trip to last. The boating package you choose will determine how long it will last. Some of them can last as little as 3 days while others can last up to 14 days. All along the routes are areas where you can stop and sightsee. Again where and what you do depends on the package you choose. This time traveling includes the return journey. Every marina that offers these canal boat holidays have different size boats. When you begin to plan your holiday be sure to find out the sizes of the boats offered and when they are available.

As to what you should take with you the first thing on the list should be a camera. All along the routes taken on these canal holidays have many well-known sights that you will want photos of to take back home. You could even film your canal boat trip. Why not get a GoPro and camera stabilizer and show the world how much fun a Canal boat holiday is? There is a great selection of camera stabilizers at Now, since there is limited space on a canal boat a small carry on or crushable bag would be sufficient. You might have to make a stop to do laundry but it does not take much time to get that done. It is better to pack light so that you will have more room and it will be safer. As to food, you should definitely take along supplies for breakfast. However, all along the canal routes are restaurants and pubs where you can stop and have lunch or dinner.

A canal boating holiday is a great way to slow down and actually relax. People’s lives today are so busy and fast paced that we often do not take the time to slow down and enjoy life. On a canal boat holiday, the pace is much slower and you can simply enjoy sights that you would not otherwise have time to see. Not only that but it can also be an adventure especially if it is your first time taking to the canals by boat instead of viewing everything from the shore.